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Self-Publishing on Amazon

It is easier than you think!

Self-Publish on Amazon


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Self-publishing on Amazon

The reason why many individuals don’t publish their work is because they don’t know where to start. You get stuck thinking about publishing the manuscript, formatting the manuscript and the size of the book and the cover. I am sure questions that start swimming in your mind are the following; How do I create a cover for my book? Who do I publish with? How much will the publishing cost? How many books do I buy? What should be the size of the book? Should I create a high or low content book?

What happens next? I’ll tell you. You sit and get stuck and don’t know where to start. The story that everyone should read about does get told. The journal that you could be using to organize yourself doesn’t get created.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that difficult? What if you could actually publish for little to no cost? If you were to go to the travel journal to the right and click on the link you will find that I created this quick, low content journal. This is an example of a fun journal that I was able to create in just a few hours. At the bottom of the page you will see a few of the journals that were created just days after my last session.

I am sitting here in tears after having a conversation with the 5th person TODAY about how they purchased my journal and are so excited to use it! It feels good to create something…but it feels AMAZING to know that what you created is helping people! Thank you to Dr. Mina for your guidance in creating and self-publishing my first book! Her sessions were very clear and easy to follow. I’m in LOVE with the process and can’t wait to write and publish more books!” Ayesis

“My third book is on Amazon. I have been working on this journal idea since I resigned from my position in higher education in 2021. Thanks again Dr. Blazy!” Deb

“Dr. Mina Jo Blazy made it so easy to conceive, design, and publish a journal on Amazon that even my 9 year old daughter published one right after she saw me do it!” Antonietta