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Dr. Mina Jo Blazy

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Leadership in Education

Understanding how students learn is at the forefront of education. How do teachers know that their students are learning the new material or standards? As a leader I enjoy helping new leaders guide their teachers in academic, social-emotional and behavioral growth for their students.

Metaverse Influencing Education

Learning from the students perspective

Online learning with learning intentions

Digital and Distance Learning

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

Collaboration and sharing your story

Collaborate with peers from home and the office via online platforms

Applying for the leadership position

Principal’s first day
Visible Learning – A Principal’s Perspective

Education and the community we live in!
Clarity for Learning


Professional Development for School Administrators | Biological/Chemical/Physical Science and mathematics content builder for school site leaders & science teachers K12 | School Site Strategic Planning | Transformational & Servant Leader | Equity in Education | Speaker – STEM, Digital Literacy and mathematical practices | Amateur astronomer | Neuroscience behind learning and teaching

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